Hot Toys VBSS Commander

VBSS – Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure.  VBSS teams are usually dispatched to any ship/sea vessels which are suspected of smuggling, piracy, and/or terrorism.

This version is mostly a 90’s era VBSS but I did mixed in some newer era gears.

Hot Toys Truetype 38 body with gloved hands and socket type connector boots. Tiger striped camo uniform.

low-profile body armor vest / Life preserver / ABA vest with backpack / SCAR rifle / knife with scabbard / kneepads / jump harness / M9 pistol with drop-leg holster / drop leg ammo pouch (all Hot Toys)

The Protec helmet with dual comset. Hot Toys did great helmets in their older figures and this is one of them. It is a bit tricky though to fit on the head, but i found that pinching the helmet on its front and back will make it open wide to slide easily on the head. Do not force it on its side for you might break the headsets.

Two radio comset – one for squad comlink and the other for central/base comlink. The helmet came with just one radio, so I added a larger radio which will act as the central/base comlink. Luckily it fits on the ABA backpack, which snaps to the ABA vest.

The headset is detailed and helmet weathered. The red thing on top of the helmet is a strobe light, use for identification and locator. VBSS commander with a MEF (Marine Expeditionary Force).


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