Armored Vehicle Crew

Here’s my version of a crew member of an armored vehicle.

Using a WWII sheep skin fur-lined jacket (from DID Becker tanker figure) and I’m using the original if not the first version of Hot Toys TrueType body (this one from their CVC crew figure).

 These earlier version bodies seems to have longer arm length and big hands. The gloved hand has a bendable finger design but kind of big in proportion to the body frame. The headsculpt are ok but not at par with the latest versions of Hot Toys body.

Shirt (Saturday Toys) with ACU camo pants (Hot Toys, in ACU green shade) / Green balaclava (BBI Toys) / Armor Vest (Hot Toys, in ACU green shade) – this is a RAV type quick release system, molle attachment panels and adjustable fit, with rifle sling attachment.

The IBH (Integrated Ballistic Helmet) with headphones/mic/radio com, and NVG attachment panel. I misplaced the NVG scope for this helmet by the way so not in photo. This helmet is from BBI toys. the helmet/chin straps are in plastic or maybe rubber material, the weathering was great, velcro patches for additional gear on the helmet. My only concern with the helmet is its size. It won’t fit properly on larger size headsculpts. I just improvised the radio attachment on the vest.

Armored crews also need weapons in case they need to abandon their vehicle preferably small o compact size weapons. I use here an MP5 sub machine gun with light torch attached (Dragon DML) and sidearm is M9 pistol with lanyard and holster with knife scabbard (Hot Toys).  I included a drop-cloth pouch (Toy Soldier), this pouch is multi-purpose, can accommodate almost anything (weapon mags, papers, pens, trash, etc.)

I can’t pose this figure in action mode since the gloved hands can’t grasp the rifle, the bendy fingers just don’t work as expected, and the wrist and ankle articulation is a far cry from the newer Truetype bodies released today. The Binoculars (Hot Toys) by the way has a lens cap cover and adjustable wide setting.


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