The Captain

This is my version of Hot Toys Predators Royce.

Using Prince Dastan body armor (Hot Toys Prince of Persia) and a WWII Airforce Crusher Cap (from DID William Bowman).

Hot Toys Truetype 38 body with a Jean Reno look-alike headsculpt. Uniform is desert digital camo pattern (Hot Toys).

Hot Toys AA-12 shotgun with removable drum clip magazine, forward grip, light, and digital camo pattern. The drum magazine holds 20-32 rounds of ammunition (from various shotgun type shells to fragmentation or explosive cartridges).

Accessories: Merrell type boots, backpack, radio with headset, pistol with drop leg holster, wrist watch (Hot Toys) / WWII bayonet knife with sheath (Dragon DML) / Drop leg pouch (ACE).

The sidearm seems to be a modified M9 pistol (from Hot Toys Predators Royce).  The pistol grip has a similar camo pattern like the AA-12. The body armor is soft rubber like material (?), a bit of a tight fit to the body.

The AA-12 (Auto Assault 12) is also known as the Atchisson Assault shotgun. Firing rate at full auto is 300 rounds per minute. The special thing about this shotgun is that it can fire explosive shells like a grenade launcher. Firing grenade shells at full auto now that’s stopping power against any Predator!


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