Colonial Marines

Heres my version of a Colonial Marine of the movie Aliens.

Using Crye multicam uniform (Soldier Story) and Marine woodland camo amphibious vest (Saturday Toys) which has 4 ammo pouch, groin and neck protectors.

The USCM helmet (Hot Toys) which has a neck-back protection, video camera, communication set and navigation eye-piece monitor attached.

I don’t have the USCM pulse rifle so i settled for an M-14 short barrel rifle. Belt with pouches in woodland camo (Dragon DML), added a multi-purpose pouch (Hot Toys) and pistol/holster (Dragon DML). I included a Hot Toys Predator necklace, sort of trophy for hunting down aliens!

Body is TTL with a Hot Toys headsculpt. TTL and Hot Toys body parts  is interchangeable/compatible with each other. But do note differences in shoulder design and joints are much tighter with Hot Toys.

Together with my previous USCM Sgt. Apone custom, will update whenever i get other USCM accessories.


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