Mandalorian Bounty Hunter

Heres my Madalorian bounty hunter WIP (work in progress)…

Sort of a Jango Fett in ACU outfit (still planning on painting the armors).

ACU-Crye from Soldier Story. The body armor plates is from Hasbro Jango Fett, cut out and glued to a shirt, so this shirt act now as his armor vest.

I used a WWII US ammo pouch belt/webbing (DID). maybe later attach this cloth pouches to the Hasbro plastic belt with groin armor.

The Hasbro helmet looks big but somehow it just fit nicely on Mr.T headsculpt! The booster pack luckily snap in easily at the back without hindrance to the webbing.

Only one pistol used for the moment since i cant find a lefty holster! Still need updates for this kitbash.


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