My Low Light Photography

Experimenting on camera use on low light. Using my Sony Cybershot DX5. I refrain from using camera flash and instead rely on ambient lighting to get that realistic touch.

Using only one source light, flourescent bulb yellow color on a white background, positioned in top front of the figure, thus the heavy shadow at the background. I like the helmet shadow hides his eyes just revealing the lower part of the face.


Subject is a 1/6 scale (12 inches) WWII US Airborne figure. I did not gear this one up, just simple basic kitbash. Body is Dragon DML Neo-3 / Headsculpt is Hot Toys / Uniform, Helmet, shoulder holster and pistol, Thompson gun, boots is DID.

I tried to zoom/focus in the object like the .45 pistol and the Thompson machine gun, but the cameras limitation denied that. The uniform texture with those folds, wrinkling,  and crease enhance by the lighting.

The wood grain finish and the bullet cartridge on the Thompson. This is from DID but it’s not the wood/metal version.

The Corcoran airborne boots. From DID nicely done just some trouble with the laces, i would not recommend removing these laces, hard to put back on. With lesser light it will be hard to show the details on dark colored objects.

The metal “pot” helmet, really love the rough texture on this one, it does have an inner lining helmet. Note:  I would say DID uniforms and gears + Dragon NEO-3 body + Hot Toys headsculpts = one badass WWII figure! 🙂

To get that brighter and clearer shots, three source lamps would be ok located at the sides and front, just enough to reduce background shadows. I’ll give it a try next photo shoot! 😉


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