Saturday Toys PCU

This is an update on my previous figure – Pararescue Jumper. I replaced it’s uniform with a PCU (Protective Combat Uniform) from Saturday Toys.

Saturday Toys released this as a uniform set similar to their NBC (Nuclear Biological and Chemical) set. The PCU is worn as a protective layer against cold or harsh weather/environment.

As can be seen in the photos, all zippers, velcro snaps, and pockets are functional. Note: shirt is Saturday Toys / body,gloves,and boots from Hot Toys

You will notice the hood folds at the collar top instead of at the collar bottom, thus lower face part can still be covered even with the hood down. The pull strings in the hood is elastic.

My new PJ (Pararescue Jumper) geared up, i replaced also the armor vest from woodland to ACU pattern including pouches.

Rifle is Hot Toys M14 EBR long barrel version with telescopic stock and PEQ laser light (red dot).

The PJ helmet from Dragon DML. This is an HGU-55 type helmet minus the visor and oxygen mask. It has an attached night vision scope and radio/communication.

Heres my new PJ in PCU. And side by side with my Spec Ops in ECWCS (Extended Cold Weather Clothing System).


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