NBC Paratrooper

I got this concept of a Paratrooper in NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) suit.

Would it be logical to parachute troops in a hazardous environment? Highly unlikely I guess.

The NBC suit is from Saturday Toys, this is their Desert Camo version. The suit has wrist and ankle velcro straps, pull strings at hood and base of jacket.

The T10 Parachute (Static Line deployed) and reserve with rip cord grip. Nicely done by Hot Toys with metal hooks, clamps, buckles. This T10 assembly may not be complete since I’m not familiar with its set up like where to place the HPT lowering line. The T10 is use during mass assault air drops.

Paratroopers needs ankle braces lessen injury upon impact to the ground. One shown here is from VeryHotToys. Oakley boots from Soldier Story. Note: I just improvised on the large backpack placed in front the legs, wrapping the straps around the waist and legs, interlocking it with the T10 parachute straps to secure.

Without the parachute gear… Helmet – PASGT (Ultimate Soldier brand?) and covered with a Desert camo from Dragon DML / Low Profile body armor, blast belt, ammo harness with pouches, radio com, goggles, and knee pads all Hot Toys.

Note the pistol holster is actually an ammo pouch. Large backpack in ACU camo from Hot Toys.

The M40 field protective mask, is currently in use by the US military since mid-1990’s, it has replaced the M17 gas mask  (used 1959 to early 90’s). I got this as a bonus item on the special released version of the Hot Toys NBC figure. The M40 will soon be replaced by the M50 Joint Service General Purpose Mask.


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