Hellboy “Samaritan” Revolver

I got this 1/4 scale replica of Hellboy’s “Samaritan” pistol from Sideshow Collectibles. All metal frame, barrel, cylinder, and a wood handle grip.

It comes with a display stand and you have the option of displaying the bullets on the provided slots in front. The base stand can be separated so you can wall mount it instead.


Pressing a lever at the side folds the barrel open for reloading, it has rotating ammo cylinder holding 4 large bullets. Unfortunately  the firing hammer is sculpted one piece to the pistol frame and is not a functioning piece.

The barrel is solid and not hollow, I suggest drilling a hole down the barrel. I find it annoying that the details are not fine considering the size at this scale.

Comparing it with a Hot Toys 1/6 scale “Samaritan”, you can see the fine details clearly on the Hot Toys version. The cylinder on the Sideshow version is somewhat out of proportion to the gun frame as can be seen the large open gap on top.

I’m disappointed with this replica largely due to the sloppy detail, though i do admire the pistol handle grip, made of wood with a nice engraved logo. This piece is a bit heavy (i guess it is solid metal and not hollow) so i guess it won’t hold on any 1/4 scale figure. A 2 out of 5 stars rating for me.


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