Wa’Zup “Sneaker”

A new addition to my Wa’Zup (World Against Zombie Uprising) figures, the Wa’Zup “Sneakers” – get’s in and out fast and silent for a quick recon, and of course he wears sneakers! 😉

Gear breakdown : Jumpsuit overalls – Very Hot Toys SDU / Body – Soldier Story S2 / Gas Mask, Water canteen, Waist Pouch (worn as a sling bag), and large torchlight (brightens any Zombie’s day) – Hot Toys / Helmet (worn inside the hood is a WWII German helmet) – Dragon DML.

This pair of “Nike Air” shoes is molded plastic with functional laces. I don’t know the brand, got them from ebay, guess one size fits all 1/6 scale figures? 🙂

Wa’Zup “Sneakers” travels light, bringing with them just the necessities and just scavenge along the way what he needs to finish the task.


His main weapon is the Samurai Sword (from DID Japanese) does a nice, clean, and silent cut to any Zombie blocking his way!

And his backup weapon is the ever trusty .357 Magnum revolver (Hot Toys with holster) – blows any zombie to smithereens!

Wa’Zup Sneaker side by side with a Wa’Zup Trooper, normally the Sneaker goes by himself, and the Troopers just waits for him in the rendezvous area for extraction.


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