My First One-Sixth Scale Figure

I was planning on upgrading the very first 1/6 scale figure that i got but finally decided not to. I can’t remember the date (maybe early 2009?), but was surely blown away when i got it on hand! At that time I have no idea of whats in this 1/6 scale hobby. Never heard of Hot Toys, BBi, Dragon, or even the Ultimate Soldier brand, even my knowledge on GI joe and Hasbro are only of those 1/18 scale figures.

So I bought this just out of curiosity, I didn’t even know what figure this is (turns out to be a kitbash by the seller). I was even hesitant to buy because i was already collecting 1/18 scale or 3-3/4 inch Star Wars figures, so this being 12 inch it won’t match the collection i have then.

Anyways to make the long story short, this figure got me hook on the 1/6 scale hobby. I recall the first thing I did was to get the needed accessories to complete this figure like helmet, rifle, belts, etc… the rest is history. I already did some kitbashing on this figure before but good thing I was still able to put this figure back to its original gear. Best to let it be as is

The unique thing about this figure when I saw it was the coat and hat. As I found out later this is by DID from its ‘George Sander’ figure, German Gebirgs Nord Division. It got a ‘Spring’ camo pattern with fur linings. The cap originally has the Gebirgs unit emblem but got lost in my ever piling 1/6 parts bin.

Ah the long rifle or as I thought it was to be back then. Upon research this turns out to be a 1/6 scale replica of the German WWII anti-tank grenade launcher – Granatbuchse GrB 39. Not to be mistaken for the Panzerbuchse PzB 39 anti-tank rifle that it was derived at. The GrB 39 is shorter than the PzB 39, but same mechanism/operation, the main change is the installation of the screw in grenade launcher similar to the one attached to Kar 98 rifles. The development of thicker/better armor made the PzB 39 almost obsolete thus sort of an improvement came this GrB 39.

Parts breakdown: Body and headsculpt – Dragon DML ‘Reindhardt’ figure / Uniform – Dragon DML early released German shirt and trousers, plastic molded marching boots / Coat and hat – DID ‘George Sander’ figure / Weapon – Dragon DML German Anti-tank rifle.

Here he is next to a Hot Toys figure. This figure will have a special place in my display cabinet being the very first one-sixth scale toy I have 😉


2 thoughts on “My First One-Sixth Scale Figure

  1. You have him to thank for your foray into the world of 1/6, AL 🙂 Judging by the number of figures you have now, he doesn’t feel so lonely anymore. Keep the Wa’Zup army growing CHEERS

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