Wa’Zup Jager

Ok been awhile since my last posting,  got another addition to my Wa’Zup figures 🙂

The Jager (means hunter in german). Zombies have sprawled all over and they come like a pack of wolves, but once in a while a few goes astray and be separated from the group… so comes in the Jager – it’s his job to hunt these stray zombies while regular Wa’Zup troopers is busy with the pack.

The PzB-39 (Panzerbuchse) is his sniping rifle with a so-called modified zombie scope 😉 Equipped with Zombie exploding bullets it puts a new definition to one shot one kill. The scope can only detect zombie, a guarantee his pointed at the right target and eliminate friendly fire. This PzB-39 is from Twisting Toys (it’s actually a WWII  german anti-tank rifle).

gear breakdown: German WWII greatcoat (DML) / camo trousers (DID) and smock (DML) / boots (from DID winter boots) / Gloves (molded rappelling gloves from bbi) / vest (from DID US ranger vest).

Gas Mask is modern era – it’s a US M40 protective mask (this one done by Dragon DML) / The helmet is German WWII era (also Dragon DML). I tried a lot of modern helmet to put on this one but size is a factor. I want the gas mask to be covered by the helmet as shown on the photos. Now this Dragon DML helmets are just perfect fit, i don’t know but i noticed DML’s 1/6 scaling looks right compared to other brands.


I’m using a bbi G3.5 body on this one that’s why a bit bulky on the chest. My WaZup trooper is using a slimmer Barrack Sergeant Alpha body. I use the smaller size headsculpts (like soldier story) to accommodate the gas mask – large helmet fitting.

My Trooper and Jager… design influenced by a bit of a SteamPunk concept.


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