ThreeA Zomb the Blind Oracle

Zombie!!! Finally I have my zombie figure! Got interested on it since playing Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies and ThreeA seems to have the coolest zombies around.

This is Zomb the Blind Oracle figure from ThreeA design by Ashley Wood. A bit pricey and limited, I got this loose and is part of their 2 pack set  – Mauro JC and Zomb the Blind Oracle.

Check out the hairstyle, reminds me of Butters of the animation series South Park 😉 This is the first zombie figure which features the 4th design headsculpt (Currently there are four head designs, the third headsculpt remains a mystery head since it will not be release).

This zombie is wearing a black or a worn-out faded gray(?) Boiler suit and ThreeA logo shirt inside (both heavily weathered).

ThreeA is using a Hot Toys Truetype (or similar) body, notice the neck, wrist, and ankle joints are very compatible to Hot Toys. The boots is a boot-feet (or plug-in type).

The hands are designed to be extra-large in proportion to the body, which is true to all Ashley Wood figures. The whole body is painted too, matching the hands and head color.

To learn more about ThreeA or Ashley Wood design figures check out this site


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