HOT TOYS BrothersWorkers “Must”

I finally got me one of those BrothersWorker figure!!! “Must” is part of a Two-pack figure set – Brothersworker “Storm” and “Must”. It was for sale loose as-is no box, so not sure if everything is complete.

If Ashley Wood is to ThreeA, then it’s Brothersfree to BrothersWorker. Brothersfree is composed of three hongkong based artist/toy figure designers – Winson Ma, William Tsang, and Eric So.

Hot Toys manufactures the Brothersworker figures. these are long sold out thus the expensive price tag and is hard to find. I’ll let the photos speak for itself regarding the quality of this figure.

I love the headsculpt design, cartoonish style, hair and mustache is not molded plastic which is good.

Brothersworker figures uses the Hot Toys TrueType body earliest version! so not that fancy in articulation compared to the newer TrueTypes. They even have those early Hot Toys muscular rubber bodies on some of their figures.

But Brothersworker excel when it comes to the accessories and most noticeably the headsculpts! Every figure is one cool dude! (they do have female figures too by the way).

This figure came out first than the Hot Toys Firefighter v2.0 so there is a slight difference in the accessories but basically the same (like metal parts and leather straps).

One item included in this figure not in the Hot Toys Firefighter v2.0 is this face o breathing mask. He still has the regular full face gas mask with oxygen backpack tank. Also included is a fire ax and retractable crowbar in one piece and a metal wire/cable with hook clamps.

Oh and the Teddy Bear, it has articulation, legs and arms pivots at the joints!Hands down this is one of the coolest 1/6 figure I purchased! 😉



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