GSG9 – German Counter-Terrorism Unit

I’m doing a GSG9 squad unit and currently have 2 partially complete – Sniper and Assaulter (as I call them). GSG9 (Grenzschutzgruppe 9) – is the counter-terrorism unit of Germany.

Using a DID body and headsculpt (for now), looks ok but having problem in posing especially with holding the weapon since the hands is not suited for trigger pose.

The Blue overall uniform (Dragon DML) and body armor vest (Gameitoy) is based on early GSG9 outfit since at present they have already updated their uniform/gears including the helmet (mostly all black).

The unique GSG9 camo helmet with visor and radio com by Dragon DML (camo is not that accurate compared to the one done by BBI). Handle with care with this helmet since it’s a bit fragile especially the visors and mike.

I added kneepads (ACE) and drop leg pouch (Soldier Story). The belt with knife and flashlight is from Dragon DML.

For the sniper I use jeans (Newline Miniature) and Jacket with hood (Dragon DML). I see some photos of GSG9 in civilian clothing with their full gear similar to the Hongkong SDU’s.

Assaulter: Pistol/holster (Hot Toys) is an M9 with attached light ; Benelli M4 Super 90 Semi-automatic Shotgun (Hot Toys) with telescopic stock.

Sniper: Pistol/holster (Playhouse) Glock 17 with extra magazine ; Heckler & Koch PSG-1 sniper rifle (Hot Toys).

I’m hoping to complete a squad of 5 men at least, planning on displaying them in a breeching entry pose.


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