HOT TOYS 160th SOAR “Night Stalkers”

Finally my very own Hot Toys SOAR figure! 😉

It’s just my kitbash not the complete boxset figure but I got here the original Hot Toys HGU-56/p helmet and of course the survival vest gear too.

The HGU-56/P helmet by Hot Toys (a holy grail for some 1/6th collectors), It has AN/PVS-6 (or PVS-15) Night Vision lens scope with battery, mic boom set, double visors – tinted and clear, inner cap liner with headsets, and wires wires wires!

It even has a small pouch, i think for strobe light or cigarette holder!?, anyways this helmet is crazy cool! It does seem a bit large but the coolness just amazes me.

The Hot Toys SOAR survival vest and body armor. The vest includes pouches for radio (it has the AN/PRC 112 radio) and HABD – Helicopter Air Breathing Device (they use this for oxygen when in emergency situation), several multifunction pouches (like for maps, flares, knifes etc.),  LPU-34 life-preserver (flotation device).

Aside from the Woodland MARPAT jacket which is from Saturday Toys, the rest is Hot Toys – Kneepads, boots, ACU pants, gloves, Truetype-38 body. I also included a rappelling harness by the way from Soldier Story.

I guess it’s time to update my previous SOAR kitbash since Soldier Story came out with their own version, new gears are readily available especially the HGU-56 helmet. Will compare the helmets soon when I got the ones from Soldier Story.


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