threeA WWR Daywatch Commander

This is DW (Daywatch) Commander from threeA, part of their World War Robot line of figures by Ashley Wood.

Released together with the NW (Nightwatch) Commander, this is the second version of the so-called N.O.M. Commanders – Post Fire and Thrice Naut whose headsculpts are based on threeA co-owners Ashley Wood and Kim Fung Wong.

Nothing fancy about the packaging, good shelving space, lesser shipping fee. The figure is heavily weathered thus a strong odor of paint will greet you upon opening.

Body is similar to Hot Toys TrueType but this one is really stiff on the joints, very difficult to remove the wrist/gloves you might break it thus an extra wrist pegs is included in the box.

The headsculpt is Commander Post Fire (which is the likeness of  Ashley Wood himself). The dark skin color I think is to contrast it to the all white gear. The NW Commander (Thrice Naut) version is in all black gear with a white skin color body.

Comparing to other DW (daywatch) figure in threeA, this is weathered as opposed to just being clean plain white. The clothing looks heavy but is not, it is light and thin, its just the paint that gives it texture and weight.

Pouches includes:  Buttpack with a canister attached, three what look like ammo pouches, two sidearm holsters for his Mauser like pistols, and two air breather pouches.

Ok the main selling point of this figure is definitely the apocalyptic looking gas mask! I think this design is based on WWI gas mask. It has these tentacle looking air hoses which is made of rubber that is attached to the air breathers (sort of) device.

The eyelets on the gas mask is not transparent, its painted solid black. The helmet is similar to a WWII German helmet but this one is large bucket-like design and a flatter/wider brims. The print on the helmet is “Deep 6” – at first glance I thought it was a big letter “T”.

Posing with my threeA Zomb and WaZup trooper.

The following info about WWR is from three A Wiki:

WWR  (World War Robot) is a graphic novel illustrated by Ashley Wood and written by both Ashley Wood and his wife –  T.P. Louise. It’s main story is about a war between Martians (people from Earth who migrated to Mars) and Terrans (those who remain on Earth), both sides employing robots manufactured by one company Rothchild Corporation. Other factions involved in the war is the N.O.M. (Not Ordinary Men) and M.O.D.

N.O.M. wants to end the war and reunite all mankind while M.O.D. opposes N.O.M. and wants to continue war for they profit in it.


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