1/6 HGU-56 Helicopter Helmet

Soldier Story had released their SOAR “Nightstalker” figure featuring the latest 1/6 version of the Helicopter helmet HGU-56.

Originally done by Hot Toys, Soldier Story seems to have made improvements in size proportions and an addition of the maxillofacial face shield attachment.

The night vision lens can now be swivel up which was not the case with the Hot Toys version.


The first thing you will notice comparing the two helmets is the size. I think Soldier Story got better proportions.

The second thing is the sturdiness. Definitely the Soldier Story version is very fragile, material is somewhat thinner feel compared to the Hot Toys.

They both look complicated but I have no trouble fitting the helmets on the headsculpts, but using the right size will save you from breaking this helmets. do not force it when it won’t, patience is a must! Notice the battery is much larger and helmet is wider on the Hot Toys version.

Both have the clear and tinted lenses and both do have problems when lowering and raising the lenses. a slight wiggling will help with gentle care when handling this lenses.

The helmet liner (where the com earpiece are attached) differs very much wherein Hot Toys (shown at right) seems better here for its one-piece design and the cord is attached properly to the headphones. Fit this first on the head then put the helmet on.

The Soldier Story HGU-56 helmet with the maxillofacial shield off… … and with the maxillofacial shield on. It does look like the real thing when I compared it to the actual photos of an HGU-56.

Note: both are wearing Tan colored Flight Suits done by Hot Toys (Soldier Story version)  and Playhouse (Hot Toys version). both also in Addidas type black shoes and Hot Toys TrueType body. The Headsculpt on the Soldier Story helmet is bigger than the one I used on the Hot Toys Helmet.


2 thoughts on “1/6 HGU-56 Helicopter Helmet

    1. Thanks for viewing my site, These helmets are in 1/6 scale, you can still buy them at Ebay but at a hefty price nowadays. The Black helmet by Soldier Story is still available on most online stores like Monkey Depot, the green one by Hot Toys is a rare find.

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