1/6 Apache Pilot IHADSS helmet

This 1/6 helmet is from BBI (Blue Box Toys) Apache Pilot figure.

IHADSS (Integrated Helmet and Display Sight System) is used by Apache Helicopter Gunship Pilots. The helmet aids in the control/operation of weapon system and flight navigation.

This helmet features a Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) system, using a scope like monocular eye display (somewhat similar to a Heads Up Display on aircrafts).

This helmet links the pilot to the on board computer system, thus simplifying certain task such as weapons aiming just like in the movies “Blue Thunder” and “Airwolf”

Similar helmet system is also now being use on latest fighter jets like the F-35 and/or are modifying current flight helmets like the HGU-55 with attachment to accommodate this HMD system.

Heres a comparison photo of my 1/6 helicopter helmets: HGU-56 by Soldier Story, Apache IHADSS by BBI, HGU-56 by Hot Toys.

I’m still working on the vest/gears for this figure might take a while before completed. The helmet size looks huge but seeing actual photos of the real thing it’s proportionally correct. Figure breakdown: Body – Toys City / Head – Hot Toys / boots – Hot Toys / Gloves – Toys City / ACU Uniform – Toy Soldier.


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