1/6 Pararescue Jumper

Kitbashing new and old for my second version of a Pararescue Jumper (PJ). 

A Hot Toys headsculpt and peg boots  on a Toys City body and gloved hands.

I use the new Toys City Gen2 AC  Uniform and old Blue Box Toys (BBI) PJ vest and low profile body armor. The body armor features a slide in slot and velcro straps.

The Gen2 AC shirt has a built in elbow shell and pads protection and is like a dri-fit shirt design with a regular uniform sleeves.

The Gen2 AC pants have knee protectors shell and pads and have velcro straps to secure/tightened the ankle and knee areas.

Toys City M9 pistol with universal drop leg holster and a Hot Toys Glock pistol on the vest holster as a back-up. Hot Toys Scar rifle his main weapon.

The vest also includes a radio with phone handset. The leg pouch is from ACE, Rappelling harness and Mich helmet from Soldier Story. It still needs a rappelling gloves and rope to make it complete.

Heres my two PJ’s, will update them to make it land and sea operation units.


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