1/6 US Army Rifleman in ACU

Not sure if this is a typical setup for an Army grunt but could be for a late Iraq and early Afghanistan army soldier.

It was hard to do a full IBA (Integrated Body Armor) vest setup because it is bulky on 1/6 scale especially on large chested figures but I think this came out rather neat on a flatter chest body frame – I used here a Toys City/TTL body.

The US Interceptor Body Armor (IBA) was the replacement to the PASGT body armor of the early 90’s. This one is from Very Hot Toys complete with shoulder, neck, and groin protectors. The ACU is from Toy Soldier including the helmet.

The radio set with headsets is from Hot Toys, it got that long mast antenna which looks cool, can he call long distance on that? 😉 The shoulder protectors looks suited for CQB (close quarters battle) operations.

I replaced the helmet straps with that from Hot Toys which has a neck or nape guard pad. Added a clip on helmet light. This Toy Soldier helmet comes with a NVG connector but forgot to install it. Goggles with cover is from Soldier Story.

Kneepads from Very Hot Toys, molded pads are ok nice weathered finish but problem with the elastic straps it’s getting loose. The boots is hi-cut Oakley style, pegged molded plastic boot from Toys City/TTL.  Grenade pouches in woodland camo is Dragon DML.

Weapons are Soldier Story and they are great pieces especially the M1911 .45 cal pistol. The M4 assault rifle has a shorter barrel with PEQ laser pointer and ACOG site scope. I used a bayonet for his blade weapon not sure if this is the standard knife for an army grunt.

Heres a photo of the IBA vest previously with M14 ammo pouches. The vest load out now consist of 4 double mag M4 ammo pouches, an IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) pouch or can also be a general purpose pouch, radio pouch, water hydration bladder pouch (woodland camo), grenade pouches, and a small pouch for pistol ammo or anything else. I also added a dump pouch by the way.


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