1/6 Holloween 2011

It’s Halloween and for a change why not let Zombies use weapons!

My ThreeA zombies to present the 1/6 MGL-105 grenade launcher from ZY (Zhong Yu)  toys and the 1/6 AA-12 shotgun from Hot Toys.


The MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) was developed in 1981 by Milkor for the South African Defense Force but later used by other countries. US Marines aquired this in 2005 naming it M32 MGL. It shoots a variety of ammo aside from the explosive 40mm grenade like tear gas shells,

This 1/6 MGL by ZY Toys is equiped with M2A1 reflex sight scope on picatinny rail attachment and forward arm grip. Has movable parts like the rotating cylinder magazine, scope, and stock. Ammo is removable. ZY Toys made 6 variants of the MGL (140, 105, and short barrelled versions).

The AA-12 (Atchisson Assault) shotgun was developed in 1972 by Maxwell Atchisson but in 2005 rights turnover to MPS (Military Police System). It can accommodate a 8-shell box or 20-32 shell drum magazine, firing a variety type of ammo from buckshot to the Frag 12 high explosive shell at semi or full-auto of 300 rounds per minute making it one of the powerful shotgun in the world.

This 1/6 AA-12 by Hot Toys is from its Predator 2010 figure line, it is in digi camo with removable drum magazine, iron sights, forward arm grip, and surefire light.

With these explosive weapons what army can defeat the Zombies!  

Happy Halloween to All!!! 🙂


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