1/6 US Marine Gulf War 2003

I got my inspiration for this kitbash from a documentary film by National Geographic – 21 Days to Baghdad which tells the story of the second Gulf War in 2003.

I got used to seeing marines in the newer digital camo uniforms so I was surprised to see them in the old woodland and 3-color desert camo during the 2003  Gulf War “Operation Iraqi Freedom”.

They were in constant preparedness for any chemical/biological attack that’s why they wore these NBC(Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) protective outer suits over their regular 3-color desert camo uniforms. NBC suit is Saturday Toys.


The Interceptor vest is from Dragon DML, the pouches is Toy Soldier. I think by 2003 the MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system is becoming a standard gear of  the US military.

The PASGT helmet is from 21st century (I think) covered with a 3-color desert camo from Dragon DML with a Toy Soldier inner lining and straps.

Headsculpt by Hot Toys is a look-alike of Nicholas Cage. Tinted goggles is Hot Toys.

The Molle backpack with 3-color desert camo dust cover from Dragon DML. Gas Mask pouch is Hot Toys. Altama desert boots by Hot Toys (molded peg boots).

US Marines prefer the M16 rifle as its standard weapon. I got here the M16 with grenade launcher by Hot Toys from their Predator figure line.


Currently updating my previous ACU and PASGT kitbashes to suit as Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation Desert Storm (Kuwait) figures.



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