Dragon 1/6 Apollo Astronaut 2011 version

This Dragon DML 2011 version is a re-released of their Apollo Space Mission Astronaut figure.

Whats new is the Life-like headsculpt and I think it’s using the Neo-3 body which has better articulation and slimmer chest compared to their older Neo bodies.

Well Dragon seems to be doing fine with this headsculpt upgrade, most of their new released figures already have this style. The neck joint by the way is loose on this particular figure, maybe just mine.

He has two boots, the other being the outer shell (?) which you can slide in over the first boots.

The space suit is made of soft material and everything detailed, including hose connectors, tags, patches etc… sorry I’m no expert on space suits so I cannot tell if they have this one accurate as the real thing.

I got the backpack on properly but I’m left with one hose hanging don’t know where it’s suppose to be connected to. He has what is sort of a “fish bowl” glass helmet on which lock into place on his suits neck rim.


Then the outer helmet worn over which has a functional clear and tinted face shield.

Not in these photos is the video camera accessory, will have to update post.

I missed out on the Hot Toys Nostromo Crew figure would be cool to place it side by side with this Astronaut, but I have this Apexplorer in red space suit for comparison.


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