Hot Toys 1/6 James Dean

This is Hot Toys 1/6  James Dean – Cowboy version.

I added a long coat from Hot Toys Terminator, we can say his part of John Connor’s Resistance against the Machines!

Headsculpt is pretty decent, it’s a James Dean in any angle. The molded hair could be a problem on different size headgears but was well suited for the molded cowboy hat it came with.

The body is a different style TrueType, having a neck molded directly to the torso so only the head itself is articulated similar to the Soldier Story S2 body. It only has one pair of hands, no trigger hands included.

The jeans, shirt, vest are well-tailored and has a detailed leather belt. Boots is molded plastic with foot pegs.

The Jeans are great with a worn out look, thin (a bit of shiny) fabric , it uses velcro for the zip fly.

Figure stand is included with a James Dean name printed. Now all I need is a double pistol western holster and a cowboy rifle. Note: a cigarette is included with this figure but not shown here, I prefer no-smoking please 😉


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