Welcome 2012 – 1/6 “Cool” Aircrew

Ok a bit late greeting 2012, precisely a week late… cheers! 🙂

Been fiddling around with my kitbash wip’s (work in progress) but somehow can’t finish on a complete figure, ideas ideas ideas… what does 2012 brings?

I consider this just a draft kitbash, don’t know yet what to make out of him… pilot, gun crew, or maybe an AC-130 flight crew or something totally of a sci-fi genre?

Hopefully I would be able to add more gears/gadgets on him soon.

For now the parts breakdown:

Suit – Hot Toys Halo “Cool” version.

Boots – Toy Solder Adidas type with functioning lace and weathered.

Life vest – Hot Toys Aviator series.

Helmet – Hot Toys Halo series with oxygen mask and tanks.

Visor lens – Dragon DML Pararescue AFSOC.

Body – bbi G3.5 nude body with Barrack Sergeant head and Soldier Story gloves.



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