1/6 Tron “Kevin Flynn”

This is Hot Toys 1/6 Kevin Flynn of the Tron Legacy movie.

Well not entirely all Hot Toys parts since it is just a kitbash, decided not to buy the box set, since not much of accessories in it.

I was curious with the headsculpt so I bought the head. It supposed to be a look-alike of  Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn. But this is the older Jeff and not the younger one. I don’t know why Hot Toys not instead released the younger version with that black race suit would be much better.

Anyways the sculpt looks ok but I have a hard time what to kitbash it to? The disc on his back limits some kitbash ideas. He could pass for a Jedi master, just put a robe and belt with the Jedi laser saber and voila his Obi Wan or maybe father of Obi Wan!

Also a shoulder cape and sword like a royal swordsman but seems incomplete. I had an eye for that Pirate of the Caribbean outfit of Jack Sparrow, think it would fit nicely on this headsculpt.

Thus I ended up buying the outfit and base when I chance upon it on sale. The base is cool since it lights up. The body by the way is TTL and boots is Hot Toys.


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