1/6 Desert “Britz”

Dersert ‘Britz’ – well I was recalling that famous WWII era unit called the ‘Desert Rats’ which was the 7th Armoured Division of the British. Well the unit was already disbanded on 1958 so I guess they were not around during the Gulf War.

Anyways my focus on this kitbash is the helmet. This 1/6 scale British MK6 kevlar helmet is by Dragon DML which I then wrapped with the Hot Toys desert DPM camo helmet cover with rubber rim.

The Dragon DML MK6 helmet is better proportioned compared to the Hot Toys, accomodating any 1/6 scale headsculpt size.

I have no British 1/6 scale weaponry so I get to use temporarily this US M60 machine gun from Hot Toys. The Load Bearing Vest is from ACE from it’s Rifleman vest set. Still a lot to update for this one to be accurate as a modern British soldier.

Parts breakdown: British DPM Parka and pants – Hot Toys / boots – Soldier Story / Scarf Shemagh – Hot Toys / Body – BBI 3.5 body.


2 thoughts on “1/6 Desert “Britz”

  1. You can get a good UK-issue L86 LSW (SA-80 bipod version) from Castle Barracks (www.castlebarracks.com), as well as Osprey vest and pouches. The neckpieces are available from Barrack Sergeant. I have just kitbashed a gurkha of thye Falklands deployment in 1982, waiting for a few bits to complete, and I got nearly all the uniform, DPm and accessories from Castle Barracks.
    PS 7th Armoured Brigade is currently deploying in Afghanistan, and are still known as the Desert Rats

    1. Thanks for the info, are they still 7th Armoured? I thought they are a different unit now…
      Ok i’ll check out Castle Barracks.

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