My Display Shelf Project

This is my 100th posting and I’m presenting some of my 1/6 scale figure kitbashes on my display shelf. A glass-display cabinet is pretty expensive so I settled with this book shelf and did some modifications.

I’m not finish with the shelve yet, hoping to get at least 2 display levels  in it. I use a flourescent for lighting, the type use in countertops. Each level would be lighted. 


Due to space constraints not all of my kitbash will fit, and must limit the number of figures displayed to maybe just 3 or 4 per level so as not to look so cramped as is the case in the photo above. I use some boxes (temporarily) for the back row to elevate, so each level of shelving can manage two rows of figures.

Heres my DEA and STS figure looking sharp without the other figures blurring them. I’m more of a minimalist, so I prefer to put most of the figures on storage and just display what will suit my mood. Sort of what the shelve can accommodate decently.


A group of 4 figures would fit nicely I guess. I could put a display label in each one for identification (and makes it like museum pieces).

Categorizing the group can tell a story line. Above shows my US Soldiers of the Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan war campaigns. Note : for the photo shoot I removed the figure stands.

Well accumulating a lot of figures can be stressfull but is surely fun. I am limiting my purchases now to just the accessories that are of good quality and just update my current figures. Will make a detailed inventory of what I have to guide me in my future purchases.


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