MG 1/100 MSM-07 Z’gok

Finally I got my Z’gok panel lined, applied decals and weathered.

The Z’gok is an amphibious type mobile suit used by the Principality of Zeon against the Earth Federation in the Animation series Mobile Suit Gundam (1979-1980 43 episodes).

In real scale this mecha towers to 18.4 meters in height, and has a gross weight of 96.4 tons. It is powered by a ‘Minovsky’ ultra-compact fusion reactor, propelled by dual hydro-jet thrusters. It operates on land and water, using air-cooled fan system to cool its reactor when on land.

Aside from its large claws (or Iron Nails), it’s weapons consist of 2 mega-particle cannon located in its ‘palms’ and 6 240mm missile launchers each with 5 rounds located on its head.

I used the wash technique in doing the panel lines, mixing Tamiya  acrylic paint with acrylic thinner (a bit more of thinner than paint), just brush it along the lines then wiped off the excess.

For weathering I used powder/chalk (?) type of paint, using a stiff paintbrush applying little by little on the surface until desired. I did a lot of revision in this process,  luckily the chalk paint is wipe off easily with a piece of cloth soak in acrylic thinner or with an alcohol.

I did have some troubles when applying the decals, it was the dry type transfer and a stick on type decals, I thought it was a water slide type at first.

It was a learning process for me doing this kit especially the weathering, maybe will have improvements on my next gunpla project. I havent yet sealed this gunpla with a clear coat so I can still modify it later.



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