threeA WWRp Noir de Plume

I think the Sun’s recent solar flare activities got me sick! (colds and flu) coupled with an erratic weather and busy at work these previous days. Taking the time to rest and recover, I noticed my Noir de Plume carded figure on the wall, so why not make a quick post about it.

This is from threeA part of their WWR (World War Robot) storyline figures in portable version (thus the P in the card label).

Well for a carded figure this size it’s one of the expensive figures I bought! ranging from $60 to $150!  But then again threeA toys sell their stuff at a limited number thus the pricey numbers. The 1/6 scale versions are much more expensive reaching $500!

Even at these scale (I think it is 1/12) threeA manage to capture the details like a 1/6 scale figure. I can see from the body joints that it is fairly similar to a Hot Toys true type body in smaller scale that is used here. It has everything like the 1/6 (gas mask, pouches, pistol etc.)

I have no plans of removing this figure from its card so I won’t be able to check every detail it has inside. It stands roughly 6 inches, a bit bigger than my HALO master chief figure which is approximately 4-1/2 inches tall. Photo below shows the scale comparison of a 1/6 Hot Toys (12 inches), 1/18 Star Wars (3.75 inches).

NOTE: This is the first stand alone carded figure released by threeA, they usually sell 1/12 figures in sets/packs. The 1/6 scale version was released on 2008, and this 1/12 is released on 2010.

There is at least 5 released 1/12 de plumes : Nom, Noir, Blanc, Gebi, and DIY. and for the 1/6 scale there is 9 released: Nom, Noir, Blanc, Gebi, DIY, Jung, Kuan Ti, Barguest, and Fantome.


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