1/6 Flight Crew Deck Helmet

Here’s my sort of Search and Rescue Commander kitbash featuring a Flight Crew Deck helmet. These kind of helmets are commonly used by Aircraft Carriers flight deck crews.

This helmet is kind of a rare find, well it’s not that accurate or detailed, but it does have that cool factor so a must have for me.

I cannot verify if it is a Hot Toys make (the seller indicated it is) and comparing it to my original Hot Toys VBSS flight deck crew helmet there is a big difference between the two. Note: I notice the Hot Toys VBSS Seal Team 8 figure has a red or orange flight deck helmet but checking the photos it seems this is not the one use on it.

The protective plates are made of metal as opposed to the Hot Toys which is plastic. Both have the cloth material for head cover assembly. The front upper plate curvature is much better on the Hot Toys and rivet details is missing on the orange one. The radio that comes with it is also in metal.

Well if it is a Hot Toys make then surely it is an early released and the green one is a great improvement over it. Anyways this helmet is a welcome piece on my hard-to-find 1/6 headgears category.


2 thoughts on “1/6 Flight Crew Deck Helmet

    1. Thanks for viewing, most probably, I know Hot Toys have something like this for thier VBSS figure one in green (that I have), and another in red (or orange?) for thier special version VBSS. I thought this was it but it’s not, still ok looks cool.

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