1/6 US Army ‘Cavalry’ Scout

The eyes and ears in the battlefield, the Scouts can be depended when acquiring info/intel about the enemy.

This is  my version of a scout, sort of an update from my previous army in ACU kitbash, replaced the helmet, boots, and added some gears and equipments.

Well if you want to find some Easter Eggs you will want the help of these US Army Cavalry Scouts, they are the reconaissance experts!

I don’ t have yet that FAST Ballistic helmet so I settled for this Mich 2002 half-cut helmet with NVG  from Hot Toys.

Take note of the molded peg boots, I think this was from Toys City, is really solid stiff, you will lose ankle articulation with this boots, but they look great for standing pose. The GPS and knife is from Toys City too.


The vest/pouches is from Hot Toys Airman Security figure. It is a 1/6 scale reproduction of the IOTV (Improved Outer Tactical Vest) which is the replacement for the Interceptor Vest. ACU Backpack is from Exper Toys.

Aside from the M4 rifle in camo paint from Soldier Story, my scout is armed with an M3 MAAWS (Multi-purpose Anti-Armor Weapons System) from Hot Toys, in case they encounter enemy armored vehicles. It is a recoilless rifle that can fire high explosive shells or smoke/illumination rounds, developed in Sweden and is known as the 84mm Gustav recoilless rifle. US army rangers called it RAWS (Ranger Anti-armor Weapons System).

Note: body is Hot Toys Truetype-38 / ACU uniform is Toy Soldier / Drop-Leg Molle and Pouch is Soldier Story / Radio-Comm is Hot Toys.


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