1/6 AH-64 ‘Apache’ Attack Helicopter Pilots

I was able to find another BBI Apache pilot helmet completing my pilot crew of two but only managed to get one vest so for now  I just improvised for the other one.

The AH-64 ‘Apache’  is operated by two crew, a pilot located at the upper back seat, and a co-pilot/gunner seated in front. The set up is when one is out the other pilot can still control the helicopter.

The pilots wear the IHADSS (Integrated Helmet and Display Sight System)equipped with a monocular display lens which aids the pilots in navigation and weapons system of the helicopter.


The vest includes a radio which I think is a AN/PRC-90 survival radio, it transmit on international distress frequency, acting as a beacon  for Search and Rescue retrieval. It can also be use to send morse code. The pilot survival vest is from BBI,  I added the knife (Toys City), torch (Hot Toys), and strobe light (Dragon DML).

Aside from having a pistol (normally an M9), the pilots do carry small sub-machine gun types weapons that can easily be stowed in the already cramped cockpit. I got here a Skorpion vz.61 with folding stock (Hot Toys).

Notice they are not wearing a life preservers, chopper pilots only wear it when operating over water/sea areas. My Apache’s are land based but obviously the photo above shows a Carrier flight deck crew advising the pilots to wear one or else its a no go! 🙂


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