1/6 PJ Desert Ops

Another addition to my 1/6 helmet collection – the PJ (Pararescue Jumper) helmet by Hot Toys. I think this is a modified HGU-55 helmet, 80’s or 90’s (not sure) helmet used by PJ’s.

Well its missing the mic piece and I did some fixes to the helmet strap, it is one of those hard to find 1/6 item from Hot Toys so it’s a buy for me when I chance upon it at ebay 😉

I think the helmet scale was designed for the larger headsculpts than the newer smaller heads. The NVG (an ANVIS-9 ?) includes a battery pack attach by velcro on the helmet.

I did a PJ kitbash before using Dragon DML PJ helmet. The helmets are basically the same but this one from Hot Toys is more detailed.

Armed with a Hot Toys FNH SCAR (Special operations forces Combat Assault Rifle) short barrel version CQB with ACOG scope, forward grip, and folding stock.

 This is my second revision of my second PJ kitbash: Hot Toys PJ helmet and Truetype body / BBI PJ body armor and vest / Toys Cityt PJ Gen2 uniform and pistol with holster / Soldier Story laced boots and drop-leg pouch.


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