Hot Toys ‘Heavyarms’ Predator Hunter

I finally got to do a Predator which is human! 🙂 I’m not into those monster-type figure so was hesitant to buy any of the Predator figures.

This one hunts down the Alien Predators and protects mankind!

His sort of a resistance fighter and I call him ‘Heavyarms’ – an M-134 chain gun on his right and a grenade launcher on his left arm (courtesy of Terminator T-600).

I basically got the armors from Hot Toys Noland figure, kitbashed with a Tiger-stripe camo uniform and cayote chest rig from ACE and a leather leg guard from Hot Toys Kyle Reese figure.

I was impressed with the improvised helmet mask, it does include hoses which connects to the arm-computer (but I don’t have that yet ) which controls the aiming/laser device on the mask and other function such as the cloaking system.

The mask which is that of a cut-out Predator face shield is attached to the helmet which looks like a shogun or samurai headgear, clever design I would say.

Removing the mask/helmet reveals not the Noland headsculpt, I used a Truetype body with a Wentworth Miller headsculpt.

I might do another one using other Predators armor/gears 🙂


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