Wa’Zup Tank Commander

Zombies are all over and what better safe place to be in than an armored tank!

A new addition to my Wa’Zup (World Against Zombie Uprising) kitbash figures, its been awhile since my last Wa’Zup kitbash and of course I’m using WWII era outfits with some modern era gears.

The oversized helmet is from Hot Toys SDU, it’s what they call a Defender helmet (use by SAS/SDU?) I will be incorporating this to all my Wa’Zup figures replacing that WWII German metal helmet (if I can still find more of this).

The coat is from DID, a WWII german tanker jacket with officer rank shoulder boards and skull lapels. The shorts is actually a WWII US overall uniform, I just folded to make it look like cargo shorts.

Gas Mask is from Dragon NBC figure, an M40 replica / Boots is from Toy Soldier, a laced up addidas type boots / Body is BBI 3.5 with a small headsculpt from Soldier Story / Binocular and Tank headset/throat mic is DID / Pistol belt is X-Toys / Pistol and holster with scabbard is Hot Toys.


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