1/6 Sniper Sentry

A simple and quick kitbash featuring the Sniper Ghillie suit from Very Hot Toys and the M-200 CheyTac Intervention sniper rifle from ZY-Toys.

Not much accessories on this one, sort of a draft kitbash for my WaZ’up figures due to the gas mask setup.

There are various ghillie suit design, this one is specifically design for a prone or lying down sniping position thus the heavy padding in the front and camo at the back.

The Ghillie suit has nettings to attach camouflage materials such as strips of burlap, cloth, or twines, and additional available foliage to blend with the surrounding area. 

The CheyTac Intervention – a bolt-action sniper rifle with a 7-round magazine clip, firing a specially design bullet for long-range target – the .408 or .375 CheyTac ammo. Approximate maximum rifle range is 2.3km!

Sniping within a hazardous environment… wearing protective mask and aiming down the scope will be tricky I guess.

The MCU-2P gas mask with removable tinted glass cover is from Hot Toys / Body is Barrack Sergeant which is really possable but a bit loose joints / Boots is from Dragon DML molded desert boots / Bendy hands with cloth gloves is Soldier Story.


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