My 1:1 Flight Deck Crew Helmet

A new line of collection for me – Military Helmets – not 1/6 but the real thing! Starting it off with this Flight Deck Crew Helmet.

A Flight Deck Crew helmet have 2 impact resist plates for head protection attached to a cloth headgear with ear cutouts for the headsets.

This specific helmet has a David Clark H10-76 noise-cancelling headset with volume control and mic. You can’t connect this directly to any audio system (like making it as your music headphones) since it uses a U174/U jack suited for Military Helicopter or aircraft set-up. But is possible by using adapters and converters to be able to connect it to a 3.5mm jack.

It’s such a cool piece to display on the desk, this is a size 7-1/2 (Large) but still was a tight fit on my head. The headsets gel ear seal padding really works, cuts out the outside noise. The goggle is an ESS Stryker series flight deck goggles.


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