ERT Helicopter Pilot v.2

While I wait for my Sideshow Sandtrooper, I decided to continue with my Star Wars kitbash but unfortunately still some missing items needed, good thing I noticed my ERT (Emergency Response Team) pilot kitbash, I gave it a makeover for a quick posting here.

I make use of the life jacket from Kings Toys U-boat figure match it up with same color ‘nike air’ sneakers. CWU-27/p flight suit Tan color from Hot Toys and of course the helmet is from 21st Century (or Ultimate Soldier) which is a cool 1/6 helmet.

Body armor is from BBI, pistol with holster from Hot Toys, drop-leg pouch and eye-shade is Soldier Story. Body with bendy gloved hands is Soldier Story S2-body.

A sneak peek at my Star Wars custom figure projects: 

I got here a Marmit Stormtrooper kit and the Hasbro Snowtrooper, I might incorporate some Sideshow parts and do some repaint. I want my own version since Sideshow already makes Star Wars military figures, can’t wait for their Snowtrooper!


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