1/6 Russian MVD

This is my draft version of a Russian MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs) or Internal troops, I think they are the ones called in to handle state security.

I make use of the Russian blue tiger camo parka and helmet from BBI. Note: not much 1/6 scale russian gears available out there.

The helmet visor (which comes with the helmet) I just painted, trying to copy those russian welding shield-like visors that just have eye slits. The weapon vest is from Soldier Story.

Hard to find any modern russian uniforms so I settled with this blue coveralls (also from BBI), slightly matching the color theme of the parka and helmet.

The AKM rifle with is from Hot Toys, the AKM is the updated version of the AK-47 rifle. Body is TTL with Hot Toys peg boots and Toys City glove hands.


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