My Collection Showcase I

Got here my helicopter based kitbashed figures…

PMC (private military contractor) and Rescue Helo Pilots… trying out here civilian clothing/style for a different look.

Apache Attack Helicopter Pilot and Co-Pilot… hard to find another vest so I just use an aviator pilot vest on the co-pilot. His holding a Scorpion sub-machine gun.

160th SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment) Helo Crew Members… I swap the vest gears of the Hot Toys and Soldier Story SOAR, matches better with their helmets.

Helo M60 Door Gunner and Pararescue Jumper… The Door Gunner face mask is from Soldier Story HGU-56 helmet set, still need to update it, the helmet is an oldie stuff from 21st toys I think, the visor is just solid plastic not that transparent glass. The PJ helmet is missing its mic accessory. Guns and ammunition is Hot Toys.

Still updating most of this figures whenever new cooler accessories comes…

Going out for a vacation by the way 🙂 HAPPY 4th of July to ALL!!!


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