Hot Toys Truetype Body List

Is there a list of all the TrueType body that Hot Toys made so far? How many Muscular Body did Hot Toys already released? I tried to search it on google and none, no complete list that I can reference to. The Hot Toys website on the other hand seems incomplete.

So I made my own list here: (hope its correct!)

Hot Toys TrueType “01-Male”:

As I can recall the first or earliest released TrueTypes where package in a yellow or orange-colored pack with red trimming and was labeled at the upper right corner with “01-Male” instead of the TTM now common in new packing. 

(Photo above is not mine, shows the Truetype 01-Male packaging design)

They are available in Pale, Bronze, Tan, Black, and Asian skin color, all same packaging design. Now I might conclude that these are the so-called TTM-1 to TTM-7 Truetype figures…

Caucasian 38 Pale – GIGN figure headsculpt
Caucasian 38 Bronze – David Beckham headsculpt
Caucasian 38  Tan(?)   – Wenthworth Miller headsculpt
Caucasian 38 Sp.Ed.     – Tom Cruise headsculpt
Asian 38            – SDU figure headsculpt
African-American 38     – Wesley SNipes headsculpt

Sorry but I can only recall six (6) of them, leaving one (1) more unidentified! Some of these figures had a second release version that have improved headsculpts.

The photo above shows on the left the first style truetype, I don’t know if they already call it a Truetype then, as you can see it barely resembles a Hot Toys body, it is taller and much wider shoulders, and cartoonish style headsculpt.

The center figure is an early Truetype body, it’s similar to the “01-Male” Truetype but with a different feet joint/peg design, this was used in their “Aliens” marines figures.

The body at the right is the latest Truetype design (the TTM’s) with the nowadays Hot Toys standard real-life like skin tone/color.

Photo above shows the different ankle/feet and wrist/hand peg connections, so take note of this when buying a Truetype body/parts.

NOTE: The new bodies/parts  from other brands (like Toys City) can be use/interchanged with the 01-Male and TTM bodies.

Hot Toys TrueType TTM:

TTM-8 Caucasian 38 Narrow – Secret Service figure headsculpt
TTM-9 Caucasian 38 SlimNarrow – UK Prince Harry headsculpt
TTM-10 African American 38 SlimNarrow – Terrence Howard headsculpt

Now I’m not sure of the next two, 11 and 12 could be the female figures (TTF):

TTF-11 Female 28 Caucasian – Keira Knightley(?) headsculpt
TTF-12 Female 28 Cuban A (tan) – Keira Knightley(?) headsculpt

TTM-13 – Cannot identify this one, maybe a special edition released???

TTM-14 Caucasian 38 Narrow – long hair version headsculpt
TTM-15 African-A 38 Advance – Barrack Obama headsculpt
TTM-16 Caucasian 38 Advance – Dominic Purcell
TTM-17 Asian 30 Slim Muscular – special edition for Bruce Lee head
TTM-18 Caucasian 38 Adv.Narrow – Wenthworth Miller
TTM-19 Caucasian 30 Muscular – Jake Gylenhall

Hot Toys Muscular Body:

Aside from their standard body, Hot Toys also makes Muscular  Type bodies and just recently they released TTM-17 and TTM-19, both utilizing the muscular  body sculpt design.

Photo above shows my TTM-19 body, I replaced the headsculpt with a Christopher Reeve “Superman” (I think looks better on this body than the Jake Gylenhall). NOTE: the chest frame only has a rubberized outer layer.

A concern before was that the Rubberized Muscular Body will be damaged or deteriorate over a period of time, as proven by the Hot Toys Muscle body before (like  muscled SDU figures).

But I think Hot Toys had improved their rubber materials like the ones use in the Arnold Swazenneger muscle figures (their so called Generation 2 or 3 muscle bodies) and now as in the TTM-19 its already a sculpted muscle design and not rubberized.

Aside from the TTM-17 and 19, unfortunately the muscular bodies of Hot Toys are not sold as a pack like the TTMs, they are special body features of their Boxed Figures. You can get them as loose items from third-party sellers or in ebay.

A list of Muscular Body Hot Toys made (as what I can recall only):

Older Muscle bodies:

SDU Casual Version
Devgru 2.0 and PMC’05
Green Beret
Vietnam Navy Seals Shorty
Rambo series figures
Rocky series figures
Biohazard Jack Krauser

Apexplorer and Brothersworker series

Newer Muscle bodies:

Predator Dutch and Billy
Biohazard Chris Redfield
Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger series
Predators Royce and Noland
300 King Leonidas
Prince of Persia
Barney Ross
Indiana Jones

Well I can’t say these are 100% accurate listing/descriptions but hoping could be helpful to those who are interested to know.


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