Captain Kevin Flynn

Here’s my version of a Hot Toys Pirate of the Caribbean figure… or is it a figure on Tron’s cyber world – a software pirate!

It’s Kevin Flynn of Tron on a Jack Sparrow pirate suit. Luckily the hat fits snuggly on his head. Ever since I saw this Flynn headsculpt, the pirate thing came into mind, a white bearded pirate!

Hot Toys did an improvement on the hat and boots on this DX version Jack Sparrow, suede like materials used compared to the previous molded plastic.

As always Hot Toys delivers on quality and details are amazing down to the buttons!

I added one more pistol (from Sao Feng figure) to make it three flintlocks and use the Jack Sparrow hands with rings.

The sword is I think plastic handle with a metal blade. He looks like an American Revolutionary soldier.

Parts breakdown:

Body – Hot Toys Truetype TTM-18 (replaced with Jack Sparrow hands).

Headsculpt – Hot Toys Kevin Flynn.

Clothings/gears – Hot Toys Jack Sparrow DX. (including pistols and sword)

Addional Flintlock pistol – Hot Toys Sao Feng.


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