USMC Fireteam Gunner – Sgt. Reeve

The USMC (United States Marine Corp) Fireteam consist of a Team Leader, Rifleman, Automatic Rifleman, and an Assistant Automatic Rifleman.

For this kitbash my Automatic Rifleman or SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) Gunner will also act as the Grenadier.

Accessory breakdown: Helmet, boots, radio comm,  and body vest set up is Soldier Story / Digital Desert camo pants is Saturday Playhouse / Low-profile armor, Kneepads, and wristwatch is Hot Toys / Drop leg holster and Drop leg pouch is Toys City.

I’m using Hot Toys Superman Reeves headsculpt on a Hot Toys TTM-19 muscular body. This is my first muscular body, it does adds realism to the figure yet is limited in its articulation, but I think is much sturdy and flexible than the older rubber-type muscular bodies.

The Hot Toys M249 SAW (I think this is a Para version) with M145 Elcan optical scope, retractable stock, folding bi-pods, and 200 rounds ammo box.

The MTV (Modular Tactical Vest) is from Soldier Story USMC,  a minor changes of using M249 200 rounds ammo pouches (Hot Toys) instead of the M4 ammo pouches. The Soldier Story SAW  pouch is smaller since it is for a 100 rounds capacity ammo box.

The 40mm grenade pouches by Soldier Story are great, buckles are of good quality wont easily break. The Milkor Grenade Launcher (MGL) uses 40mm grenade ammo, it is semi-automatic 6 shots, which is a big boost over the M203 single shot grenade launcher. This MGL is from ZYToys.

Note: I think it will be awkward for him to be the Grenadier and at the same time the SAW gunner as  Wikipedia states that the Grenadier is usually the Team Leader, the SAW gunner acts as second in command, the Rifleman is the scout, and the Assistant SAW gunner does support/carry extra ammo.


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