Sideshow Star Wars Sandtrooper

Finally my 1/6 scale Star Wars Sandtrooper! I think this is the 4th version released by Sideshow (a joint project with Hot Toys). I think the different versions vary in their armor paint weathering and color of shoulder pauldrons.

This is the Desert Sands Detachment version. These sandtroopers were the ones dispatch to locate the occupants of the escape pod from the rebel alliance ship in the Star Wars New Hope Episode III.

I don’t have the Sideshow Stormtrooper figure but i guess they are basically the same as can be seen without the pauldron and backpack,  just a different paint job. Well the Stormtrooper would have the blaster holster and detonator on his belt which is not present here in the Sandtrooper.

Now this boxset includes not one but two shoulder pauldrons, a white pauldron and a dark greyish color (but I think this is also white but was weathered heavily) anyways these could be for a non-commissioned officer and enlisted trooper.

Previouse releases where : Sandtrooper (white pauldron) / Sandtrooper Squad leader (orange pauldron) / Sandtrooper Corporal (black pauldron)

As you will notice this figure does not have a head! The helmet has a socket for the neck post ball joint. You cannot put this over a headsculpt. About the helmet not all is painted, decals were used too, still room for improvements.

Ok there’s one imperfection I cannot ignore – the ankle/foot peg joint. This figure can’t be left alone without a figure stand! I prefer they change or redesigned this to one similar to the Hot Toys ankle joint.

The backpack attaches to the back magnetically then the backpack straps will secure it. Theres no reference photo on how to assemble the backpack so I ended up with extra pieces not knowing where to put it.

Aside from its E11 Blaster rifle (from a WWII British Sterling L2A3 sub-machine gun), 3 more long blaster rifles are included in this boxset. The T21 Light Repeating Blaster Rifle (from a WWI Lewis British machine gun).

The DLT-19 Blaster Rifle (from a WWII MG34 German machine gun), and the RT-97C Heavy Blaster Rifle (from a MG15 German WWII machine gun).

Star Wars weaponry were based on World War I and II designs. But when I saw these films (Star Wars episode III IV V)  in the 70’s 80’s I never had any clue that they were and was just amazed by the special effects very new at that time.

Sideshow and  Hot Toys did a great job on the Star Wars Military Series Figures my only concern is the body, hope they improve the foot/ankle articulation, make it more sturdy and suitable to support the weight of the figure.



4 thoughts on “Sideshow Star Wars Sandtrooper

  1. There are minor differences in how the chest peice is designed as well as the left leg (shin). These specific features distinguish the Santrooper from an Imperial Stormtrooper. Also, they made the straps on the Sideshow Stormptrooper chest pices much more realistic. Pay close attention to the body sculpt of Sideshows Imperial Stormptrooper. They go for about $300 and up.

    Can you tell me how easy or difficult it is for the arms and legs to retain their positioning? I hear the joints are very weak. See any option for modification?

    1. Thanks bones for visiting, I don’t have the Stormtrooper so I can’t compare the two although I did read that Snowtroopers do have a distinctive knee design on the shin.
      About the joints on this body everything is tight yet easy to pose, and yes they can hold a pose fairly well, I think the weak joints you mentioned was only common to the early Sideshow body releases like the ones use on the Stormtroopers.
      I don’t know why the price go up for the Stormtroopers maybe hard to find nowadays but before they even cost just below $80! The Black Stormtroopers I guess would be of similar design, I might get that one.

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