1/6 AVR M30 Machine Gun

The AVR M30 machine gun was featured in the James Cameron movie “Avatar”.

Hot Toys released their Jake Sully figure recently and this is the gun included in that box set. The figure is huge does the bigger size gun but it is in 1/6 scale.

Very little known details with regards to this gun, they say it’s a modified  M60 machine gun, addition of external parts to make it look futuristic or something, a heat shield and a drum magazine is a few of its modifications. It uses depleted plutonium ammo to penetrate heavy armor.

This gun is huge! my marine can’t even reach the forward grip so he holds it on the ammo drum cartridge but the trigger grip is suitable and will fit his hands.

My sci-fi custom marine here is still a WIP (work-in-progress) figure. Uniform is from Soldier Story Tarawa (I reversed the suit showing the beach camo) / Vest is from Hot Toys Aliens Drake figure / Helmet is from DID WWII metal helmet / Pistol belt from XY toys / Drop-Leg Pouch from VeryHot Toys / Pistol with holster and lace boots from Soldier Story.

The Body is Hot Toys TTM-16 featuring a Dominic Purcell (Prison Break) headsculpt. This sculpt is great but the ear does hinders on some helmet fittings or communication headsets.

The gun is about 9.5 inches long! check out the photo comparing it with the M60 and M4 also from Hot Toys. Unfortunately there are no moving parts (just being carefull don’t want to force and break anything), the drum magazine is not removable too. paint weathering is the usual Hot Toys quality.

Overall its a great piece to have if you can’t afford (like me) the Jake Sully figure set. It is huge but still fits the normal 1/6 hands. I would suggest to make a tri-pod or bi-pod support.


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