Tough X Apexplorers – Ice in Black

Ok ‘once in a blue moon’ I get to splurge on this hobby, and designer toys is on the top of my ‘wanna-have’ list!

Introducing Tough X Apexplorers: Ice in Black. A Winson Ma creation in collaboration (I think) with Tough (a Hong Kong base fashion designer) and produced by Hot Toys.

Mountaineering in designer jeans and clothing.

Tough x Apexplorers LoDown jacket and long sleeve shirt.

Tough x Apexplorers Jeans.

Tough X Apexplorers Mountaineering Backpack (note the embossed ape sculpt)

Apexplorers Gas Mask (has ear cups and hooded with print at back) 

Cold weather boots (peg type boots) and Lightning snowshoes (functioning straps).

Apexplorers Revolution Flag and Arm Badge.

Climbing equipments consist of a climbing harness, carabiners, ice axe, climbing rope. (a GPS or a radio is also included).

This is my second Apexplorers figure, a bit expensive so maybe wait for another blue moon before buying another one! 🙂

Note: the body is similar to Hot Toys Truetype but with longer arms and body color is all black. The boots and gloves can be use on Hot Toys Truetype bodies. Neck is compatible also to Hot Toys if you want to replace the headsculpt.



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