WAZ’Up kitbash project – part I

World Against Zombie Uprising or WAZ’Up is my own kitbash creation which I patterned (was inspired) after Ashley Woods figures of ThreeA.

I am currently revising my WAZ’Up crew since I finally got the gas mask right (sort of).  The large breathing-hose-look took me awhile to figure out, until a visit to Wal-Mart solve my troubles!

The hose here is actually a rope cord about 5/16 inches or 8mm diameter braided poly rope. It has flexibility, soft enough to bend/curve it and sturdy won’t deteriorate unlike rubber. I then wrap around it a strip of cloth (from my used shirt) and weathered (powder paint).

It is attached to the gas mask thru a drilled hole, a tight fit so no need to glue, then the other end is attached to my improvised breathing filter which is actually a WWII german gas mask canister, same thing thru a drilled hole, then placed on a cloth-type gas mask container.

The gas mask is an M40 type mask by Dragon DML, I removed the air filter and put the breathing hose instead. I painted it white then weathered (powder paint). I decided to use a Russian WWII helmet (Dragon DML) this time instead of the German to differentiate it from Ashley’s design.

The uniform took awhile too, wanting that cool factor look, I ended up with this set up – A plain shirt (still deciding if I need to paint letters or designs on it) over a WWII German Paratrooper Smock (Dragon DML), and pants that should be tight fit at the ends like this WWII Russian trousers by DID.

I’m still working up on the belt-gear set up and body armor (Zombies do bite! so armor is a must on my crew). The rifle here is a WWII German STG-44 (Sturmgewer 44) or MP-44, considered to be the first modern assault rifle.

Note: I am using small headsculpts (old Soldier Story sculpts) to get the helmet to cover most of the gas mask and head. It wont work on a large headsculpt.



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