WAZ’Up kitbash project – part III

Ok here’s my first updated WAZ’Up figure – I would call him “Heavyarms” for his M60 machine gun, and others call him “Knight” since his using full body armor although not the shiny one.

This guy can dig in a foxhole and fire up his M60 to stop a zombie horde from overrunning the camp, his flanks well protected by other WAZ’Up grunts.

I settled with the British DPM camo pants and just shirt as the basic uniform of the WAZ’Up soldier, a jacket will also be worn in some instances. The body is BBI, I got a lot of these so why not use them, and they are compatible with Soldier Story body parts. The bigger chest is an issue but is ok with this kitbash since the chest armor conforms with the chest curve.

The head as I mentioned before is small and should be to accommodate the gas mask to fit in the helmet, I want it overlapped by the helmet rims. The gas filter bag is a WWII german bread bag, the belt also carry the pistol and other basic necessities like water bottle.

The groin armor is from Sideshow Boba Fett figure, instead of gluing it back, I use elastic strap with snap on buckles so I can remove it anytime. The arms and leg armor is optional for the WAZ’Up soldier but is recommended to be use in heavily infested zombie areas especially in stationery assignments.

In the not too distant past, Earth suffered from a dreadful virus epidemic resulting in 3/4 of the world population into flesh-eating living dead… Zombies! 

WAZ’Up – World Against Zombie Uprising – was organized to confront the Zombie threat to human survival and restore the New World Order.


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